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Is Medterra CBD A Scam?

One look at Medterra’s website and it’s safe to say this brand immediately builds trust. With their professional online presence and eye-catching labels, this CBD newcomer has quickly blazed a path for themselves in the booming hemp world. While the new brand is certainly keeping up with the Jonses in this looks department, is Medterra CBD more than just a pretty face?

With so many new CBD brands popping up every day, it can be hard to keep track of who to trust. While a lot of the more “scammy” companies are relatively easy to identify, it’s getting harder than ever to tell the frauds apart from the real deal. Our researchers set out to uncover whether Medterra CBD was simply a wolf disguised in sheep’s clothes, or rather the new star on the block.

We quickly placed our first order to test for ourselves whether Medterra CBD was truly worth the hype. We then scoured the internet, devouring every review and piece of information we could get our hands on about the company in order to fairly assess their legitimacy. What we discovered was mostly great, but one revelation in particular disappointed us to the core – because come to find out we truly fell in love with this quality product.

Our team of researchers had nothing but glowing reviews for the handful of products we tested, with Medterra CBD’s signature sleep capsules being among everyone’s favorites. We appreciated the availability of the third party lab results, and their transparency in regards to the safety and purity of the Kentucky grown hemp made us feel secure that we were consuming a high quality product.

Sadly, this glowing review was tainted by a billing error, and at first we were quick to chalk it up as an honest mistake. but when it was revealed that we weren’t the only ones this had happened to we decided that this error was worth noting in our review. Less than a month after our initial order was placed, our credit card was hit with yet another charge. When we looked into it further, it became clear that we were set on some sort of auto-renew plan that we had never signed up for. We immediately contacted customer service, and were relieved to received a timely reply. The woman we spoke with claimed that it was a billing mistake, saying that the system had assumed that we checked the “auto renew” box.

Once again, we had nothing but great things to say about Medterra’s product, and a quick Google search confirmed that the majority of users agreed. This is why our final revelation left us with heavy hearts, because as much as we wanted to love this brand this experience just simply couldn’t be ignored. While we sincerely hope that this mistake doesn’t occur to more users, it is worth keeping in mind if you do decide to place an order with Medterra.

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